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A Hulafrog Editor’s RVshare Experience

Susannah Ferguson and her family of 6 (yes 6!) recently traveled to Buffalo River National Park in Ponca, AR — a gorgeous, remote area with lots of hiking, canoeing, rafting and other outdoor activities. options.

After hearing about the area, and doing her own research, Susannah decided camping would be the best way to experience all this National Park offered.  But with kids of various ages, who were not entirely convinced tent camping was for them, she explored having an RV experience.  Through RVshare she found a fantastic 5th wheel trailer to rent and started making her family vacation plans.

The beauty of RVshare, is you don’t have to own your own camper, you simply rent one! This was a first for the Fergusson family and Susannah shares her experience with the ins and outs, what to expect, tips on what to bring, and more.

Describe the pickup process of your RV 

We had the RV delivered directly to our campsite which made the kick-off to our vacation a breeze. No worries about towing this large RV or navigating the driving thru winding roads (dad was thankful). We pulled up to the campground and our RV was set up and ready to go. Yay! The owner left an instruction manual of frequently asked questions along with the keys. There wasn’t much to learn as it was hooked up to electric and plumbing and ready to go. It was like a hotel, just unload and enjoy!

How well was the RV stocked? 

The RV itself was large, modern, and very, very clean. The kitchen was spacious and had everything we needed for this family of 6. There were TVs everywhere, outlets for charging all of our devices (priority for the kids obviously), and room for everyone to stretch out and relax. All sheets and towels were provided and the beds were already made (bonus for mom). We brought our groceries and were able to easily prep our meals and have snacks handy. With a range, oven, and large refrigerator, it was just like being at home (but way more fun!). 


What kind of amenities did the RV park have?

For this trip, our RV park was pretty basic as we were in a remote national park, but it did have a nice bathhouse with toilets and showers. There was a nice bathhouse with toiles and showers that gave our family alternate options to use if needed. There were plenty of picnic tables, large grassy areas so the kids could run around, and a volleyball net and ball. And don’t forget the all-important WiFi!  I’ve heard from others about some luxury RV parks, they sound amazing! Think pools, spa treatments, movie theaters, fine dining and much more. I’ve definitely put those on our future vacation list. 


What were some of the family highlights of the trip?

Dad really loved the perk of an outdoor kitchen and grill. I loved that inside we had an oven so I could make some tasty treats like cookies & brownies after a long day of hiking!

All of the kids loved exploring a new part of the country and all of the hiking and spectacular scenery of the national park. A perk one of the boys said, was having amazing views and a camping experience YET you stay warm and dry in the RV!! My daughter especially liked getting her own private bed in the loft — she used it as a peaceful escape as she dealt with 3 brothers the entire vacation. 

What are your top 3 tips as a Mom taking an RV trip?

  • Bring portable games to enjoy during downtime. This will help you be prepared if there is not the best weather (which thankfully we did not have) and also makes for a great family activity after dinner.
  • Pack an extra tablecloth. Campgrounds have picnic tables that are not in the best shape. You never know what has been on those tables. Ewwww.
  • Bring a small doormat. Place outside the RV for muddy feet or shoes! Keeping a clean living space even on vacation keeps this Mom happy.


What was the #1 perk of an RV rental?

You get the greatest camping experience (all the nature without any of the hassle!) and even better for us, no worries about the RV maintenance, cost, parking, etc. Rental is definitely the only way to go! 

Would you take another RV vacation? 

Absolutely! My family made a ton of memories. We all loved that we got all the perks in the RV as if we were staying in a hotel or renting a house. With a family of 6, I was happy (not to mention my wallet) that we were all under one roof and not split up among multiple hotel rooms.  Now we have experienced RVshare we’re ready to keep exploring the country!!