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About Us:

Hulafrog is a national media company for parents. If anyone knows what’s happening in the local community, it’s a mom. Hulafrog’s national network of local websites are each run by a professional, in-the-know mom (or dad) in the community. Each site shares the best places to go, things to do and events in the community connecting parents with the local businesses they care about most.

Our Team 

Sherry Lombardi, Cofounder & CEO
Sherry has over 20 years of experience in the online marketing industry and has either founded or been a part of launching 5 companies. She has helped hundreds of businesses – from Fortune 500 brands to SMBs – leverage the internet to grow their business. Sherry lives in New Jersey with her husband Steve, their amazing kids Jordan & Jake, and their latest (four-legged) addition, Roxie.

Kerry Bowbliss, Cofounder & COO
With 20+ years in the media industry, Kerry has started multiple brands from scratch and grown them into successful businesses, working with companies like Microsoft and Hewlett Packard. She and her husband Joe live on the Jersey Shore with Jude & Zosia, their two awesome kids, and Bunker, their very-large-but-super-cuddly Labradoodle.

Elizabeth Green, Director, Editor Training & Support,

Elizabeth is a former broadcast journalist and entrepreneur, helping businesses with video creation and branding. At Hulafrog she has trained Hulafrog editors in content, marketing and sales, leading to the launch of hundreds of local Hulafrog websites and a network of influencers across the country. She’s a self-described boy mom living in North Carolina with hubby Nathan, their two outdoorsy and animal loving kiddos Saylor and Southern, and a number of creatures that may make it into their house at any given time.

Liz Coscia, Vice President, Advertising

Before Hulafrog, Liz was a marketing and event management executive most recently in the pharma industry. She has also done her fair share of social media marketing consulting for major brands. Liz lives in New Jersey with her husband Mickey, and two teen daughters Sarah and Kayce. When she’s not on zoom calls with customers, she can be found cheering on the sidelines or car pooling to her kids sporting events.

Susannah Ferguson, Director
Susannah has 20 years of experience in marketing and entrepreneurship. Having been an integral part of multiple start-ups and small businesses, she’s helped guide marketing strategy from launch through IPO and acquisition. Susannah lives in Missouri with her husband and four kids where they enjoy life in the country with an assortment of animals, gardens, and other messy adventures.

Jennifer Fedorchak, Editor-in-Chief, Hulafrog National.

Jenn is creator of Hulafrog National’s content, including sniffing out the best events and activities around the country and creating must read hot lists for parents everywhere. P.S. She’s also behind those mom memes that Hulafrog’s facebook page is known for. Jenn splits her time between Philadelphia and Cape May, NJ with her hubby and littles Leah and Sam.

Melissa Doran, Director, Recruiting

Melissa has put her degree in Human Resources to work as she has interviewed and vetted thousands of potential Hulafrog editors to run their local Hulafrog websites and social media pages. She also has a degree in fashion merchandising and has worked for major brands like Saks Fifth Avenue and Liz Claiborne (and wouldn’t be caught dead in leggings and a scrunchy on a zoom call). Melissa lives in New Jersey with hubby Kevin and three kiddos Lainie, Jack and Lila.

Alyson Denzler, Book-Keeper-in-Chief

Alyson is our bean counter extraordinaire and so much more. She helped launch the first local Hulafrog and has worn too many hats to count since then. She’s worked in Hospitality Management before starting her own accounting business and joining Hulafrog. She lives at the Jersey Shore with her husband Michael, and two girls Makenzie & Kathryn, and awesome pup Winston.