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Happy Mother’s Day!!

We’ve got some news for ya! 

The Mother’s Day Giveaway prize of a $15k family vacation to Yellowstone National Park curated by Austin Adventures goes to…. 

this lucky mama… Natalia, and her family of 5! 

Natalia said she doesn’t win anything, and her family still does not believe her

Well they will now!

How’d she do it? Although you could have unlimited entries by sharing and entering once a day, she won with only 11 entries – that’s the equivalent of one  entry plus sharing with two other moms for 5 entries each.

When we say, you’ve got to be in it to win it, we mean it! Now Natalia’s off to Yellowstone for the family Vacation of a lifetime.

Natalia will be heading to Yellowstone with her family — husband Diego, and three kids, 16-year-old Juan Diego, 11-year-old Maximiliano, and 9-year-old Samantha. She was born in Quito, Ecuador, and has lived in Westfield, NJ for 17 years. She’sbeen a loyal  subscriber of Hulafrog Westfield-Clark since 2016 (Thanks Natalia!)

Hulafrog’s local managing editor, Rosalia Ferrer, was thrilled that a mom in her community won the prize. “This just makes running a Hulafrog market even more incredible, to be able to gift this prize to a mom in my Hulafrog market. Just remember, anyone can win our giveaways so make sure you enter!”, Ferrer said. 

As for Natalia and her family, next week they’ll be busy talking with Austin Adventures about the amazing trip to Yellowstone National Park they’ve won, which includes white water rafting, horse back riding, hikes, a zip lining adventure, local meals, special accommodations and all of their other trademark personal touches.

Beau, their adorable Yorkie Poo, will have to sit this one out. Sorry Beau!

What did Natalia say when we reached out to give her the good news? 

Once we got her to believe the good news she couldn’t say thank you enough. Via phone she said to one of Hulafrog’s co-founders,  “You don’t know how much this means. You’ve made my day, my Mother’s Day and my everything,” 

We’re certainly glad we did! 

Thank you all for participating. Stay tuned for our next giveaway...and like Natalia, even if you’re not usually the winning kind, be sure to enter and share. 

We know many of you are disappointed you didn’t win BUT you can always check out Austin Adventures to start planning your own vacation of a lifetime. When you call to learn more,  be sure to tell ’em Hulafrog sent ya!

They’ve got tons of amazing family vacations …

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